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Comforting Mel after the ropes was nice, and by the time we switched to archery in the afternoon, we were heaps friendly.

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Alex chattered away, apparently not paying attention to anything else going on in the car. A later memory of walking into a flaming hut intending to die and waking up days later. the only survivor of the savage raid on her village. driven by thirst and starvation until she could find sustenance, then regaining her youth, her beauty, her hair.

reclaiming a life that couldnt hide the emptiness inside her from losing too many loved ones.

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But then a feeding tube forced itself into her mouth and her throat, making her head tilt back as she was completely pulled into the blood oak. She had big ones.

I bet I could, daddy. They were in my next class. My dick was almost instantly erect. He is making me his bitch, and I love it. Being owned and used by this giant dog is the ultimate fantasy fulfillment. The sound of a throat clearing grabs my attention and I look up, but it's just my Master coughing up some phlegm.

Also totally cool about Stanford was that the cheerleaders have brains as well as short red skirts. Why not.

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